Veterans Affairs Nursing Academic Partnership Scholars

VANAP Scholar at VAMC

Care for U.S. Veterans

Emory is one of six nursing schools nationwide selected for the elite VA Nursing Academic Partnership (VANAP) program through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Baccalaureate nursing students admitted to Emory under this partnership will be part of a 2-year, 20 student VANAP Scholar cohort where they will receive training focused on Veteran-centered care.  The VANAP program is an enhancement to the traditional BSN curriculum supported by $4 million in funding to provide10 additional faculty positions at the School of Nursing and to increase Emory's undergraduate nursing class by 100 students over a five-year period.VANAP scholars participate in adult clinical rotations at the Atlanta VAMC, a magnet designated hospital, where they will gain clinical experience caring for American Veterans. Additionally, VANAP scholars will participate in the following:

  • Boot camp to jump-start your VANAP experience
  • On the Frontlines: Caring for our Veterans required course (elective credit provided)
  • Activities that develop scholarship and leadership skills
  • On-site clinical simulation experience with state of the art simulators
  • Academic excellence program built into clinical rotations where students learn from VA experts during grand rounds and interprofessional education
  • Service learning activities focused on health maintenance, homeless Veterans, and women's health
  • Field trips to area VA affiliates

2014-2016 VANAP Cohort

Tawakalitu Alade
Kinesha Berfect
Chani Burgos
Rebecca Chambers
Chemise Curry
Chidimma Egbulem
Akudo Ekeke
Michelle Gillig
Jonathan Jones
Lulu Lemma
Tayler Mayo
Tyler Moon
Kelly Nangle
Naziya Noorani
Arianne Payne
Nadege Pierre
Jennifer Ratcliffe
Dominique Sanders
Dil Subedi
Chuncey Ward
Maya Williams

2015-2017 VANAP Cohort

Katherine Allen
Eugenia Nana Apau
Ericka Nicole Armstead
Gregory Berry
Safiya Eshe Cain
Paige Camilli
Taryn Lilly Connelly
Kevin Doyal Currie
Ashley Amber Davis
Remi Sophia Erlich
Haja Kanu
Lindsay Elizabeth Markham
Ashley Nicole Marshall
Jennifer McKee
Suzanne Rivera
Lutasha Johnay Roberts
Indira Adhikari Subedi
Judy Varghese
Tamara Maria Wilson

  • You must be admitted to Emory University's School of Nursing and enrolling as an undergraduate Accelerated BSN student
  • You must write a short statement (one paragraph) related to how and why you think this enhanced education would benefit you and your nursing education while at Emory
  • You must be a naturalized or natural born citizen of the United States
  • Admission preference is given to veterans

* You are not required to have a military background to participate in the VANAP program

Will all of my clinical rotations occur at the Atlanta VA Medical Center?

No, while the Atlanta VAMC is a Magnet designated hospital, offers premier programs, a teaching institution, and a competitive site for nursing student clinical placement, your clinical rotation in obstetrics and pediatrics will be offered at other institutions.

What does the VA Scholar Program clinical rotation look like?

Your clinical rotation will be the same as other students in the ABSN program of study, however additional Veteran centric opportunities will be provided.

Will participation in this program require additional work, in addition to my studies for the ABSN Program?

All course assignments will be the same for each student. However, veteran-centric concepts will be introduced throughout the ABSN curriculum. Conditions and issues unique to veterans will be presented. All VANAP Nurse Scholars will have expanded opportunities (Grand Rounds, Seminars, Meetings) that will enhance their clinical education. Each VANAP scholar will be required to enroll in a course elective –On the Frontlines: Caring for our Veterans. This 2 hour course elective will be offered in the spring semester and open to all students. Annually, VANAP Scholars will have the opportunity to disseminate a best practice product that is derived from their work in the On the Frontline course.

What happens if I decide that I am no longer interested in the program after it begins?

While we strongly encourage each VANAP Nurse Scholar to complete the program with his or her cohort (group of students that are enrolled in the program at the same time), students may petition to withdraw, if necessary or due to extenuating circumstances. Withdrawal will result in loss of VANAP scholarship funds.

Does this program guarantee a job working as a nurse with the VA when I complete my ABSN?

A VANAP Nurse Scholar graduate is highly valued and well positioned for employment within the VA Health System. One of the main goals of VANAP is to enhance recruitment and retention of VA Nurses. However, like many programs, employment is not guaranteed. In 2015 and 2016, all graduates interested in Atlanta VAMC positions were hired.

The Atlanta VAMC is one of the few VA sites that offer the Post Baccalaureate Nurse Residency program. As a VANAP scholar, you are given preference and well positioned to compete for these salaried programs.

Does this mean that I have to work at the VA when I complete the ABSN program?

While you will receive many opportunities to enhance clinical competencies for Veteran related care, and a goal of VANAP is to enhance recruitment and retention of VA Nurses, you are not obligated to VA employment, unless you are a recipient of the VA Health Professional Scholarship Program awards.

For questions or additional information about the VA Nursing Academic Partnership Scholars program, please contact:

Dr. Lisa Muirhead
Phone: 404.727.6544