Frequently Asked Questions about Clinical Compliance

Compliance requirements must be completed in order for you to participate in the clinical experience. These requirements are set by our clinical partners on an annual basis.
You will receive your email for your drug screen on the first business day following the set deadline for the release form.

A 2-step PPD requires four steps. Please see below. The purpose of this is to prevent any false negative reporting. The two placements should be in 1-3 weeks of each other.

Step 1 – get a PPD placed
Step 2 – have PPD read
Step 3 – get another PPD placed
Step 4 – have PPD read

If this should happen, please contact Nicole R. Ingram with the Office of Educational Innovation
A titer is a blood test that is used to determine immunity.
No, this does not mean you are immune. This is why we require a titer (blood work that proves immunity) as proof of immunity.
o, this does not mean you are immune. You will still need to have a titer drawn.
Please seek advice from your physician’s office. You will be advised on whether or not you need to repeat the series or get a booster. Once you have completed this, you will need to complete another titer for proof of immunity.
Yes, you will be able to begin clinical. You will need to turn in proof for each vaccine you get in the series.
Yes, you should keep your originals in a safe place and turn in copies to the School of Nursing and Student Health
Yes, you must take the BLS course offered by the American Heart Association. We will not accept a CPR card from any other agency.
No, the Flu Vaccine is not available before September. You will be notified of the Flu Vaccine once you have begun the program.
No, Tdap is the adult version and needs to be renewed every 10 years. Please be sure that you do not have a vaccine over 10 years old.
No, we cannot. This is a service run by Student Health. This is why we ask that you provide copies of your documents to both the School of Nursing and Student Health.
You will gain access to this module approximately one month prior to orientation. If you have issues after that, please contact Nicole R. Ingram with the Office of Educational Innovation