Textbooks and Supplies

Textbooks and Supplies

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All Emory students are required to have an EmoryCard for identification. It is highly recommended that you send in a photo for your EmoryCard before classes begin, as this will allow for your card to be available for pickup during Orientation. If you do not send in your picture ahead of time, you will have to have your picture taken at the EmoryCard Office before the first day of classes, which can be time consuming.  Please visit Student Financial Services’ EmoryCard website to upload your picture.  The deadline to submit your picture is May 1, 2016 for ABSN+MSN and August 1st, 2016 for BSN, ABSN, and graduate students.
All nursing students will be required to have prox access on the EmoryCard to access restricted areas at the hospitals during clinical rotations; your ID with prox access will cost $28 and an additional name badge that must be worn during clinical placement is $3. For all students who upload their picture to the EmoryCard website by the designated deadline above, your EmoryCard will be available for pick-up at Orientation.  For students who fail to upload their picture to the EmoryCard website after the designated deadline, you will need to have your ID made (being sure to request prox access) after Orientation.  

Please note: If you have already obtained an Emory ID Card you will only be required to purchase the $3 name badge for hospital access. You should not be required to submit a new photo, but if you are unidentifiable from your picture you may be asked to submit a new photo. 

A complete list of required textbooks is available at the Emory University Barnes and Noble website. Faculty have this list updated 10 weeks prior to the beginning of classes. The bookstore contact information is below:

Oxford Road Building
1390 Oxford Rd
Atlanta, GA 30322. 


You can contact the store directly at 404.727.6222.

Required texts can also be found on the course syllabi.

Please refer to the DNP Toolkit for required software applications.

A smart phone is required for all incoming students. You will use the device as your electronic reference tool for disease, drug, and medical testing information. You will need to have a data plan for your smart phone from your service provider.  Emory University offers secure WiFi on campus for all students, and this can be used within the Nursing School. We recommend an iPhone or Android based phone for students who will be purchasing a smartphone. Blackberry and Windows Mobile devices work for the required activities but the experience will be less user-friendly. We would also recommend you choose a phone with WiFi capability.

Smart phone recommendations for Nursing Central can be found on the Platforms tab of the Nursing Central site.

Many wireless carriers offer a student discount. Verizon Wireless offers a 15% discount read more. AT&T offers a 15% discount on some charges. Read more or contact Michelle Morrison for more information or help.  All smart phones and tablets are able to operate using Emory systems under these policy guidelines.

All students are required to have a laptop computer for class. All exams in all courses will be taken on the computer. There are no pen and paper tests, exams, or quizzes. Please review the minimum computer requirements below. There will be a limited amount of computers available in the school's computer lab. 


Processor: Intel Core i5 or i7 (or equivalent AMD processor)

Memory: 8 GB RAM

Hard Disk: 500 GB SATA or 256 GB solid state drive (SSD)

Removable Storage: Not necessary (DVD recordable, USB flash drive or external hard drive for backups recommended)

Display: 1024x768 minimum (1280x800, 13” display or larger would be better)

Networking: WiFi 802.11g (802.11n better, 802.11ac best)


Operating System: Windows 7/8.1 home premium or higher, Mac OS 10.8 or higher (Windows 7 starter or Home basic editions not recommended)

Software: Internet Explorer 10 or newer, Firefox (latest version), Chrome (latest version), Microsoft Office 2010 Professional (or 2011 for Mac) (MS Office Free to Emory Students); McAfee VirusScan Enterprise (Free to Emory Students); Respondus Lockdown Browser (Free to Emory Students)

Students are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner. This includes arriving on time, dressing appropriately and bringing necessary equipment. The requirement of each clinical site may establish the dress code but in general the faculty expects that students will present themselves neatly (long hair pulled back, fingernails short, no jeans or t-shirts, etc.)

Click here to download the Emory Nursing Guidelines for Professional Appearance policy.