Center for the Study of Symptom Science, Metabolomics and Multiple Chronic Conditions

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P-30 Grant

The overarching goal of this P30 award is to address a growing public health concern in this country; the increasing number of individuals living with multiple chronic conditions (MCC) and in particular, Black men and women.  Through the work of its Administrative, Pilot, Enrichment, and Data Science Cores, the “Center for the Study of Symptom Science, Metabolomics and Multiple Chronic Conditions” strengthens the capacity of junior nurse scientist to conduct innovative translational research to reduce symptoms in individuals with MCC, improving public health for generations to come.

Center Aims:

  • Create and manage a Center by providing resources and infrastructure to support cutting-edge research utilizing metabolomics and microbiomic technologies and big data analytics to understand symptom etiology in adult African Americans (AA) with multiple chronic conditions (MCC).
  • Promote the success of junior faculty.
  • Disseminate Center discoveries through publications, summer institutes and conferences.
  • Stimulate discovery of metabolites and metabolic pathways in AAs with MCC, focusing on those that synergize across conditions and associate with severe symptoms of fatigue, depression or anxiety and their cluster, but are less represented in individuals who have minimal symptoms.

Why these aims and why African Americans:

  • African Americans disproportionately suffer MCC
  • Symptoms of fatigue, depression and anxiety often cluster and carry negative consequences for health and well-being
  • Symptom severity in those with even the same MCC varies suggesting mechanisms driving symptoms are not fixed but vary, making them potentially amenable to targeted  intervention

erstand this important health disparity, we will also consider the contribution of various factors including chronic stress, diet, and the gut microbiome.  

Mi-Kyung Song
Center Director

Mi-Kyung Song, PhD, RN, FAAN

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Kate A. Yeager PhD, RN, FAAN
Center Associate Director

Kate A. Yeager PhD, RN, FAAN

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Elizabeth Corwin, PhD, RN, FAAN
Administrative Core

The Administrative Core serves as critical leadership for the Center and provides coordinated support for the work of its members.

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Nursing Students
Pilot Core Studies

The Pilot Core generates and supports pilot investigators and studies addressing symptoms in multiple chronic conditions (MCC). 

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Enrichment Core

The overall goal of the Enrichment Program (EP) is to support interdisciplinary and collaborative educational and experiential activities that complement and/or enhance the development and research skills of current and future nurse scientists. 

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Data Science
Data Science

The Data Science Core of the Center for the Study of Symptom Science, Metabolomics, and Multiple Chronic Conditions will support the data science needs of the nurse scientist investigators and will enhance the data science skills of current and future nurse scientists. 

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Funded by the National Institute of Nursing Research (P30NR018090).