Product Development and Testing Partnerships

Product Development

Improving Industry Standards

Using our network across Emory and partnerships with other institutions like Georgia Tech, we bring together multidisciplinary teams to help industry create products with input from nurses and other professionals who use those products regularly. 

Examples of Innovation

Phillips Lighting

Phillips Lighting needed to test a new natural lighting system in hospital rooms that could improve patient sleep and lead to faster recovery and better outcomes. Through a partnership between the Emory School of Nursing and Georgia Tech’s multidisciplinary SimTegrate Design Lab, a team of Emory Healthcare nurses, physical and respiratory therapists, dieticians, and physicians advised on related issues under the leadership of Susan Shapiro, associate dean for clinical and community partnerships.

Hill-Rom Company

Hill-Rom Company, the leading hospital bed manufacturer, changed its approach from simply supplying hospital beds as medical equipment, to asking how the bed might help improve patient sleep and recovery during hospital stays. The School of Nursing’s associate dean for clinical and community partnerships assembled a team of Emory Healthcare nurses to advise Hill-Rom on developing a model to test the factors and events that disrupt sleep. Temperature, light, noise, and pain have an impact on sleep, and Hill-Rom can address these issues in designing a better hospital bed to increase sleep quality and duration for inpatients.

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta sought to solve design challenges associated with its clinics where patients range from age zero to twenty-two and require different sizes of equipment, exam rooms, information for checking in and checking out, and more. Assistant Professor Ashley Darcy-Mahoney at Emory’s School of Nursing cotaught a course at Georgia Tech to students across many disciplines, from architecture to nursing. Student projects were carried out in full-scale working model clinic rooms, and led to avatars and mobile phone apps to assist with patient flow and improve wait times, flexible room designs with moving walls, simplified (less threatening) clinic designs.

For more information about how Emory School of Nursing partners with corporations and health systems, please contact:

Susan Baker
Director of Corporate and External Relations