Emory Nursing Maternal and Neonatal Health in Ethiopia Partnership

Experience teaches

My name is Hawa Ali Abagar and I live in HidaKebele/village of Aura Woreda. I am not sure how old I am but I guess I am at least 40 years old. There are many pregnant women I teach CMNHN using the book MaNHEP gave me. A while back I was called to the house of one of the pregnant women I was caring for. Her name is Amina Ali and she has completed all four CMNHN training sessions. When I reached there she was in labour. We tried calling the Ambulance but it couldn’t come as the driver was sick. Luckily for us the MaNHEP car was in the Woreda and they cooperated with us in taking the pregnant woman first to Hida health center and then to Derayitu health center.

Before we left the house I asked if they had honey or milk and they didn’t have either. So just like I was trained I mixed water with salt and sugar and gave it to Amina so that she drinks it and gets some strength. When we stopped at Hida health center and when we reached Derayitu health center I encouraged Amina to urinate she couldn’t.

The nurse at Derayitu health center had to catheterize her and drain some of her urine before she could deliver. When the baby was delivered he had difficulty breathing. They had to remove some liquids from his mouth and nose. They also made the baby stay under a radiant heater for a while. The child has now been discharged and he and the mother are both in good health.

After that incident and watching the services the pregnant woman in labour and the new born baby girl received I haven’t delivered any baby at home and bring all the pregnant women to a health facility during early signs of labour.

Compiled by Etsub N. Zerayohannes - Behavior Change Communication Specialist, Emory University/ MaNHEP Afar project