Emory Nursing Maternal and Neonatal Health in Ethiopia Partnership

Supporting husband

My name is Mohamed Keloita Kedir. I am 30 years old and live in Bilu Keble/village of Ewa Woreda. When my wife was pregnant she was approached by a Huletina (trained Traditional Birth Attendant/TTBA). The TTBA started telling her a story about Hasna & Medina. When the TTBA explained how Hasna and her husband were not prepared for birth and the complications she faced, it struck me as it sounded like the story of my wife and me. Then and there I decided to accept all the advice the TTBA was giving us.

I accompanied my wife to all her ANC appointments and learned a lot about the cares she needs to take during pregnancy, delivery and after giving birth. I and my wife decided that she should give birth at a health post where she will receive help from trained health professionals.

During the early signs of my wife’s labour, we took her to the health post which is an hour’s walk away. Her labour took a while and I got worried so we called the ambulance so that we can take her to a better facility. But before the ambulance got to the health post my wife gave birth to a healthy baby boy with the help of Mohammed the front line health worker. The boy has just turned 24 days (Aug 30-2015) and both the mother and child are doing fine.

I would like to express my heart felt appreciation to the TBA and front line health worker who trained my wife as well as helped my wife deliver. It is my strong belief that if husbands believe in it and start to give support to their wives all Afari women will deliver at health facilities.

Compiled by Etsub N. Zerayohannes - Behavior Change Communication Specialist Emory University/ MaNHEP Afar project