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The NCLEX-RN (National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses) is a standardized examination designed to test knowledge, skills, and abilities deemed essential for entry level nursing practice. Graduates of the BSN, ABSN, and ABSN+MSN program options must take this exam in order to practice as a registered nurse. The NCLEX-RN exam is administered by state boards of nursing, as well as boards in the District of Columbia, and five U.S. territories: American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

All ABSN and BSN students are required to pass the NLCEX-RN to practice nursing. Preparation for this exam is incorporated throughout BSN coursework. During the last semester of study, students should begin to intensively prepare for the NCLEX.

Comprehensive Predictor Assessment

All students are required to complete ATI's Comprehensive Predictor Assessment. Students must pass this assesment with a score of 90% or higher. Upon successful completion of the predictor assessment and other program requirements, the student will be cleared to take the NCLEX.

Students who are unsuccessful at completing the predictor assessment, will be required to complete an ATI or Kaplan Review Course before retaking the predictor. Students will be given the predictor assessment at the end of the review program. Once the student successfully passes the predictor assessment, he/she will be eligible to take the NCLEX.

The predictor assessment is designed to increase pass rates, which reduces expenses and delays in attaining a license. We want to prepare all of our students for success in passing the NCLEX on their first attempt.

Emory School of Nursing BSN Code: US05508800

The Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing endorses the following review materials for exam preparation:

ATI Nursing Education

NCSBN Learning Text

Saunders’ Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN by Silvestri, 6th edition

Follow these official NCLEX review resources via social media. You can receive regular updates about testing procedures, samples questions, and more.




Kaplan NCLEX Prep




Mobile applications bring NCLEX preparation to your smartphone, so you can study on-the-go. Below are the mobile apps that are recommend by Emory nursing faculty.

ATI RN Mentor

NCLEX RN Mastery

The School of Nursing recommends ATI Review Courses to prepare for the NCLEX. ATI offers two review options:

The Virtual ATI Review Course is a personalized, innovative, online program that prepares students for success. Students who have used this program have an NCLEX pass rate of 96 percent compared to the national average of 86 percent. 

The Comprehensive Live NCLEX Review is an all inclusive, live study session covering essential nursing content that aligns with the NCLEX test plan. Led by a Master's degreed nurse educator, the engaging, interactive format reviews all content areas and includes test-taking strategies, critical thinking exercises and Q&A practice. ATI will be leading review courses at the Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing May 10-13th from 9:00am – 4:00pm. All BSN students are strongly encouraged to participate. There are no fees involved with this course.

The Comprehensive Live NCLEX® Review provides:

  • Current NCLEX® detailed test plan is used to focus on application of knowledge.
  • Online access to new questions, including alternate item formats with detailed rationales.
  • Copy of NCLEX® TIPS-a printable resource guide for targeted instruction and passing strategies of NCLEX®.
  • Critical thinking and test-taking strategies.
  • Interactive teaching strategies.
  • The ATI NCLEX® Review Book
  • Content review of Medical-Surgical, Maternal Newborn, Nursing Care of Children, Mental Health, Community and Nursing Management.

ATI Live Review Guaranteed Support Policy - ATI offers guaranteed support to students after completing an ATI Live Review. If a student doesn’t pass on their initial attempt at NCLEX®, ATI will provide further support to the student at no additional cost. In order to receive additional support, the student must do the following: 1) Student must attend all days of the review 2) Student must contact ATI within three weeks of taking NCLEX® to inform ATI that he or she did not pass on initial attempt. If the student contacts ATI after three weeks of taking NCLEX® or does not attend all days of review, the student must pay a $75 reactivation fee for further evaluation and assistance.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The School of Nursing only recommends ATI and Kaplan review courses. Please contact Sandra Gribkoff if you would like to discuss your NCLEX review course options with Assistant Dean for BSN Education Dr. Amar.

The School of Nursing has compiled a list of videos to quickly orient you to ATI. ATI is the preferred NCLEX preparation source.

Emory's ABSN + MSN students had a 97 percent pass rate on the NCLEX exam! Click here to view a slideshow with NCLEX study tips from these stellar students.

On-Campus ATI Review Course

ATI will be leading review courses at the Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing May 10-13 from 9:00am – 4:00pm. Please see the Review Course section on this page for complete registration details.


Content from all clinical nursing content is essential to NCLEX preparation. Peer tutoring is available for all clinical and science courses.

How do I register to take NCLEX?

There are two steps to register to take the NCLEX. First, you must register with the Board of Nursing in the state in which you are applying for licensure. Please make sure to read the application carefully and to follow all directions. Most states require some type of background check, usually with fingerprints. Directions to do this will be included in the application materials. There will be costs associated with the background check. You will also pay registration fees to the Board of Nursing. In Georgia, you will also need to submit documentation of citizenship. Next, you must also register with Pearson’s to take the exam and pay the registration fee. 

What if I’m not taking the NCLEX in Georgia?

  • You must visit the website of the state where you are interested in obtaining a license. You should locate the application for licensure by examination. Some states have this application on their website; in other states you must request that it be mailed to you. If you complete the wrong form, for example, licensure by endorsement, you will delay the processing of your application and might have to pay additional fees. Check the application carefully for any forms or other requirements that must be completed by the SON. Any forms requiring completion by the Dean/Director of the program should be directed to Dr. Amar. She is the only person in the school who completes these forms. Please complete your portion of the form before sending it to Dr. Amar. We will complete and return as specified in the directions. 
  • Students who wish to take the NCLEX in another state should consult the website for that state and review the requirements for licensure by examination in that state. Any forms that need to be completed by the school should be directed to Sandra Gribkoff.

Do I have to take the Comprehensive Predictor Assessment before taking the NCLEX?

Yes, all students are required to pass the Comprehensive Predictor Assessment with a 90 percent or higher before they can be cleared to sit for the NCLEX. No exceptions will be made for any student.

What happens if I fail the NCLEX?

If you fail the NCLEX, you must wait 45 days to retake the exam. We recommend that you review questions and focus your efforts on areas, where your scores were below passing.

What is the process for taking the NCLEX in Georgia?

We will notify the Georgia Board of Nursing that you have been authorized to take the NCLEX after you successfully complete the Comprehensive Predictor Assessment. Once the state board of nursing has received the materials from the School of Nursing, processed your forms and payment, they will issue an ATT, Authorization to Test. The ATT enables you to register for a test date with Pearson’s.