Dean's Executive Student Council


Meet the new members of the DESC

The Dean's Executive Student Council (DESC), as a group of nursing students under the guidance of the Dean, will work to ensure Emory Nursing lives up to its mission, vision, and values. The DESC will represent the student voice while working as a bridge between the student body and nursing administration, faculty, and staff. In collaboration with all interested parties, the DESC will find and implement ways to bolster efforts of inclusion and diversity at the school; moreover, the council will build Emory Nursing's connections to the wider university, other top-tier nursing schools, and healthcare advocacy at both the local and national level.

All DESC members are available to meet with students to discuss questions, concerns, or ideas to improve the culture of Emory SON. You are welcome to reach out to us individually, or you email to schedule an appointment.

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ErinErin Brown
Pronouns: she/her

I discovered my passion for nursing while volunteering at the Open Door Clinic in North Carolina. Helping others has always been a passion of mine and nursing was a great fit naturally. I graduated from East Carolina University with my BSN. I am currently enrolled in the Post-BSN to DNP FNP-Health Systems Leadership track. As a member of DESC, I plan to use my position to advocate for students who are parents, those from low socioeconomic status, and those from other underrepresented backgrounds. I want to help create a more diverse faculty. I have worked as a Registered Nurse for six years and see a great need in those who cannot advocate for themselves. I am pursuing my doctorate to transform healthcare and policy reform for vulnerable populations.

JordanJordan Davis
Pronouns: they/she 

I decided I wanted to become a nurse after working at a mental health clinic and got trained as a crisis worker on mobile units. After those two years, I knew wanted to work towards developing mobile health units that provide crisis, preventative, and primary care that have a mental health focus and are low-to-no cost. I'm queer and am especially invested in LGBT and especially trans health. Health disparities and lack of access in care are complex problems that need to be addressed in a systemic way to counter oppression on every level. Racism, misogyny and transphobia are endemic and pervasive in our healthcare systems. I'm really excited to be a part of DESC with some incredible people to support fellow students, connect nursing to justice, and help develop curriculum and policies that have historically marginalized students specifically in mind. I'm honored to have this opportunity.

LaurenLaura Franco
Pronouns: she/her

As a humanist, I came to nursing to discover the intersection between our human experiences and healthcare. With a passion for ethics, I hope to eventually pursue a degree in bioethics to continue the conversation around ethical end of life care. During my time at Emory, I have been involved in Student Government Association, Emory Student Nurses Association, and the nursing school’s BUNDLES program. I am excited and honored to be part of the movement towards a more inclusive and diverse School of Nursing. I hope that through my participation on the Dean’s Executive Student Council, meaningful dialogue and change can be created.  








CatCat Palmer
Pronouns: she/her  

I am passionate about equitable, preventative, and holistic health that honors an individual’s autonomy and dignity. I originally pursued this passion for health as a public health practitioner, appreciating the systemic and equity-focused lens that public health offers. While working in this field I realized that my aptitude for therapeutic relationships and my interest in the human body better suited me for clinical work. After being trained as a lactation consultant and doula I practiced in the Piedmont region of North Carolina for two years, attending the births of low-income women and contributing to local efforts to eliminate the disparity between African American infant mortality rates, Hispanic infant mortality rates, and white infant mortality rates. As a nurse, I hope to promote critical self-reflection and conversation among my fellow health care workers, and to dismantle the bias inherent in our health care system.

It is an honor to serve on the Dean's Executive Student Council, and I look forward to seeing the creative ways that Emory SON students will find to address bias and injustice in our education and our profession.  


Michael Anthony Price
Pronouns: he/his

As a student that embodies diversity through my racial and ethnic identity, sexuality, invisible disability, first-generation and low-income status, it behooved me to apply to for the Dean's Executive Student Council. I am an advocate of diversity and inclusion and champion to work to improve the lives of the underserved and marginalized. I look forward to working with the Nell Hodgson School of Nursing to make lasting change and improve the student experience. I earned a BA in Ethnicity and Race Studies from Columbia University and worked in my undergraduate years as a volunteer in the community and as an advocate for diversity and inclusion at the student, faculty and professor levels. I came to Emory University to become a nurse leader, a nurse scholar and a nurse activist.

I am personally invested in the LGBTQIA+ community in the Atlanta area and working to improve the health disparities of this population. I am excited to serve in this role and am here to support the needs of the Emory University Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing community. 



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